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  • Nanhua Temple held a ceremony of "doing good deeds, doing good deeds for a lifetime" in the Former Residence of Zhanru in Wushi Town
  • Nanhua University in Taiwan to participate in Lingnan trip to Nanhua Temple
  • Watch your mind
    It is said that the monk of the Zhengda Group has the common surnames Lin, Mingpei, and Lion Stone of Huilai, Guangdong. Born in 1944 in a family that has worshipped the Buddha for generations, he was wise and intelligent since childhood, and was kind and compassionate when he was young. When he was seven years old, he was tired of blood and insisted on it. [View details]
    • The Fayan Sect is the latest sect of Zen, and its establishment responds to the new challenges facing Zen. Zen became the mainstream of Buddhism in the Five Dynasties, but also became more secular. Method eye ... [View details]
    • The Fayan Sect is the last denomination of the five Buddhist sects of Chinese Buddhism. It went through Wenyi (885 — 958), Deshao (891 —... [View details]
    • One of the five Buddhist Zen schools in China. Created by Master Wenyi of the Five Dynasties. Originating from the Nanzong Qingyuan. After Wen Yi passed away, the central Tang dynasty master Li Zhi became the "Famous Eye Master Zen Master." Later generations are called ... [View Details]
    • In the first year of Ganning, Jiayin (894), returned to Fujian in seventy-three years of the teacher's year, and stopped at Chen Yang Tower (Xuefeng Mountain). There are occasions of deeds ... [View details]
    • The seventh record in Zu Ting Shi Yuan states: "Cao Shan is the son of Dong Shan. Today, he is not the one who speaks Cao Yan. He is still the brother of Hui Zhi, but the word is far from the word. ... [View details]
    Nanhua Temple is located 7 kilometers east of Maba Town, Qujiang District, Shaoguan City. According to the record of Cao Xitongzhi in Wanli of Ming Dynasty: In the first year of Emperor Liang Wu of the Southern Dynasties (AD 502), the Indian monk Zhiyao Sanzang saw this place as "the round of mountains and rivers, the peaks and mountains are beautiful, and sighing like the mountains and forests of the western heaven." Please ask Emperor Wudi to build a temple. Three years of the Tianjian (AD 504), the temple was built, and Emperor Wu of the Emperor Liang Wu gave “Baolin Temple”. The second year of Tang Yifeng (AD 677) ... [View details]
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